FAQ's : Frequently Asked Water Leak Detection Questions

Q: Can we guarantee that we’ll locate all underground water leaks?

A: NO .It’s impossible to locate all underground water leaks. If we can’t locate the position, we’ll discuss with you what we believe to be the next best step to take. We’ll help you overcome the problem.


Q: What are the structural and environmental variables which influence the outcome of a water-leak detection survey?


  • Type of ground surface (concrete, asphalt, grass etc)

  • Pipe material and diameter

  • Extraneous background noises (traffic, operating machinery, weather conditions)

  • Underground conditions (clay, soil, rock, possible cavities etc)

  • Depth of water pipes 


Q: How can we help you if the water leak has not been located?

A: If the main water pipe needs to be replaced, we’ll locate the line’s entry point position to your property or building. We work alongside many directional drilling and underground civil engineering companies and can provide recommendations on who best to obtain quotes from to replace or repair your water pipe.


Q: Where can I obtain self help or DIY information on checking to see if I have a water leak?

A: Watercare Services Ltd. provide information on how to check for water leaks at your property here. They also provide a pdf brochure detailing how to detect a water leak here.

Usually the first sign of a water leak is an unexpected and costly water bill.  75% of our call outs are to investigate a water leak where there is no sign of surface water.  Leak Detection Ltd's special feature in the Infrastructure News magazine highlights some of the issues and mysteries of hidden underground water leaks.